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Dashing Diva x Etude House Magic Press - #20 Watermelon Stick on Nails Review

Saturday, 5 May 2018


dashing diva etude house magic press nails
Dashing Diva x Etude House Magic Press nails

If you'd asked me a year ago about my experience with false nails, I'd have had no clue. I'd been a regular user of all the other beauty add-ons, I first wore hair extensions and false lashes at age 15 and became a regular user at 16, but false nails? I'd never tried those before.

After getting into the K-beauty scene over a year ago, this finally changed as I purchased my first set of false nails from Jolse.

Looking back, I think part of the reason false nails didn't capture my attention was the fear of them being too temperamental. I imagined they'd be stuck on with weak glue and just casually fall off at the worst of times as the day went by. This fear properly arose after constantly seeing fallen off nails on the pavements during the walk to school each day as a child. 

The thought of using glue also seemed time consuming and fiddly. These particular nails took my fancy as their name 'magic press' sounded so easy and simple, what could go wrong with fun stick on nails? 

If you've seen my older post on Korean Makeup, you'll see I'm quite a fan of Etude House and their cute designs. That's why when browsing a new Korean cosmetics site, Jolse, I had to buy this set of cute nails after seeing it was a collaboration with Etude House.

Now, there's quite a long list of Dashing Diva X Etude House nails and I had a tough time picking just one set. Here's the winning set I chose - #20 Watermelon!

dashing diva magic press nails
Dashing Diva x Etude House Magic Press nails - #20 Watermelon

Until this I'd never ordered, or even heard of, Jolse before this so I was a bit unsure about placing my order at first. There was no need for fear though as everything went perfectly and the nails arrived quickly and even had some free samples of K-beauty products to try.

Dashing diva etude house magic press nails
Dashing Diva x Etude House Magic Press nails

The set features 6 accent nails (which are the decorative watermelon pattern nails) and 24 plain, solid colour nails. There are various sizes amongst these to fit all nail sizes.

Each set only contains 1 prep pad and mini nail file.

The nails can be used more than once (depending on your nail size) as there are so many nails in the sets. I have very small hands and nails and so far I have used a full set twice. However, re-using a previously used nail I'm unsure would work as they do get damaged very easily and quickly.

I'm a bit conflicted about the wear time and re-usability of these nails as I've had two completely opposite experiences with this set. The first time I used them, I heard they only last for 5 days but after over a month later mine were still firmly all stuck and I had to remove them myself because the nail growth was too much by that time. The second time I used them they were dropping off in 3 days and none made it through the week. 

The only difference between these two times were on the first try they were a brand new set and so still had a prep pad to use, whereas the second time I used them I'd already used the prep pad before. But does just using a prep pad make that much difference? I'll have to buy another set to find out.

Dashing diva magic press watermelon nails
Dashing Diva x Etude House Magic Press nails #20 being worn

I really enjoyed these nails and I will definitely repurchase again for this summer! There's so many more designs and brand collaborations to choose from. I just wish the extra supplies were easier to get hold of in the UK, if it turns out that using a prep pad is the miracle that worked for me, then each set only contains one of those and they aren't available to buy alone in the UK at this time.

Have you tried Magic Press nails yet? How long were you able to wear yours for?

Thank you for reading and let me know which set I should try next!

UglygirlPrettyworld, x
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  1. hi! did you have to reattach these at all? if so, what did you use, and did it damage your natural nail?

    1. Hi! No, I didn't have to reattach these. However, Dashing Diva have their own selection of glues available which I'm sure would work fine with these nails too, and even sell the same adhesive tabs used on these nails! The only nail damage I experienced was purely my own fault - the instructions recommend removing the nails with acetone and afterwards following up with cuticle oil or serum, instead I just kind of pulled and gradually unstuck bits, which resulted in a little nail damage, so follow the removal instructions properly!


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