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Small Bra Shopping - Dainty Lady, ElliceLydia Review & Unboxing

Thursday, 9 August 2018


Dainty Lady Fleur Bra pink
Dainty lady fleur bra

This will be the first part in my new series on good-fitting lingerie for those not so gifted in the boob department. The focus is on 24-28 A-E cups mainly but may feature brands created for and intended for the bigger (or smaller) bust.

If you've arrived here from a search result then you probably don't want to read paragraphs of me blathering on about myself so I've made it easy to skip to the review and photos section, have fun. Click here to skip to Dainty Lady review, or here to skip to ElliceLydia review.

Now if anyone's still with me, let's begin with the introduction. Since this is my first post on lingerie I want to describe myself, my shape, size and experiences a little so you can understand the reviews and the general fit on me. 

Like most, I started my journey wearing the wrong size bra. I was not taught much about growing up whilst in school, the school probably assumed that was the parents job and my parents assumed it was the schools job and in short I grew up clueless about too many things. 

Something I did get from school was a booklet, which on one page contained information on how to measure for a bra. I was 10 at the time and not really too desperate for a bra due to my low body weight, but my friends all had them and I was starting to feel uncomfortable in the changing rooms without. 

The information featured in the booklet was the old, incorrect way of measuring. The instructions told me to 'measure the underbust perimeter, then add five inches if it's an odd number or add 4 inches if it's even' my 10 year old self had a underbust measurement of 23", somehow from following those instructions I arrived at the new measurement of 25 (?)... Next it told me to 'measure the fullest part of the breast' (which was 24") 'and subtract this from the new measurement' ( 24-25 obviously not doable in my case). Somehow with those instructions and much confusion, I ended up with 25A as my bra size. 

Fast forward a year to age 11 when I got my first bra, what an embarassing time it was indeed. I was shopping with a friend and my mother, the friend knew I wanted a bra and as we passed the adult lingerie section she very loudly shouted "have you started wearing a bra yet?!" How embarrassing, definitely not the situation I had in mind of getting my first bra. It worked though, my mother then took us to the lingerie section we just passed and we spend ages browsing for the nonexistent size of 25A I'd somehow come up with. 

Of course no 25A existed in the shop, I didn't want to leave without obtaining a bra or I'd only have to bring it up again somehow later, so I went for the smallest size I could find instead, a 30A. 

So, this is how I first started wearing a bra. In no way did it fit me of course - not one part of it fit to be exact. The straps slid off my shoulders even though they were fully shortened, I ended up wearing a safety pin to hold them tighter. The wires dug in. The band was far too loose and would ride up very uncomfortably and the cups had the biggest gaps I've ever seen (one non-uniform day I wore a vest/ low camisole top along with the bra and let's just say there was no point in me even bothering to wear a top at all because nothing was hidden due to such large gaps in my bra cups). 

I actually wore the 30A size, along with a few 32A and mostly braless, for over 10 years before finding out my real size. After those difficult and uncomfortable years, I finally had enough of not having a proper fitting bra and decided to figure out my real size. 

It wasn't easy to begin with as I'd only ever been taught the old way to measure and using that method was still not landing me with a size, or a nonexistent size like 30AAAAA. This led to not only failure of finding a bra, as 30AAAAA is about as nonexistent as my breasts, but quite a bit of self hatred too. 

I've always hated how my body looks due to me always being very underweight and I feel my weight is reflected most in my top half. I always felt if I'd have been bigger chested I wouldn't have looked so bad and thought that cosmetic surgery would be the only way I'd ever be able to fit into a bra. 

Since I was having no luck with finding any 30AAAAA bras, I decided to use a bra size calculator instead of trying to work it out myself, and I'm very thankful I did. 

After putting my measurements into the calculator it gave me the result of 24DD/ 26D - a bra size I'd never heard of and thought didn't exist either. 

I tried every bra size calculator I could find on the internet and all of them had the same result, I was convinced the first one just gave me a random size because my measurements were so low that I'd glitched it, but after 10+ giving me the same size? I searched for bra's in this size to laugh at how wrong the calculator had been, and although I found a total of 0 bras in this size, I did find people on forum's and blogs saying they too were this size and wondering where to purchase it.

Nowadays in the present, I do know where to buy this size. This isn't a widely available size and I only know of one brand (Katherine Hamilton D+ cups only, Katherine Hamilton will no longer offer 24 bands for future releases) as standard sizing without having to pay extra for a custom order. The posts you can find when searching for 26 bands are all outdated information and mention shops that no longer offer this size by deafult, or not at all. 

Some say the smaller lady with a smaller bust is the easiest to shop for, but that's not at all true considering all the shops that stock 26 and below bands all start at a D cup and even going up to a 28 band mostly all start at a D cup execpt some at Boux Avenue.

Ewa Michalak will custom make this size (55C+ / 26C+) in some bras and apparently also used to have this size listed on the standard sizing too but removed it, unfortunately. You can also obtain 24 bands (50D+ / 24D+) here but only in one particular bra I believe (Beżuś).

Comexim also apparently will custom make this size (24E / 26D) 

So, for the reviews ~


Dainty Lady Fleur Bra and breifs with rosa bra and thong
Left: Fleur Bra with Fleur Breifs in Shocking Pink
Right: Rosa Non-Wired Bra with Rosa Thong in Pink/ Black

I first discovered Dainty Lady back when I thought I was a 30AAAAA, although they don't sell quite that size, they do sell a 30AAAA. Thankfully I held off on the purchase back then as that would have not fit at all. 

Dainty Lady don't currently offer my sister size 28C, but they do have 28B and as they follow a different sizing system to the typical brand it meant I was only 1cm larger than the B cup. Squeezable right? 

On Dainty Lady website, the size guide actually doesn't show 28 bands so I had to take the time to figure it out for myself (which was actually way too easy, I noticed the simple pattern it followed only after I'd finished working it out).

I placed my order with Dainty Lady on 23/7, it's status changed to shipped on 1/8 and arrival at my door on 3/8. 

Something I'm not too happy about though is how overcharged their shipping was. The site advertises shipping as 'flat rate £4.95' when actually they used standard Royal Mail for £0.91 - that's a £4.04 difference I want back. If I'd paid full price for the items I'd have complained about that but since I purchased everything for a discounted price I suppose I could let it slide this time. 

The box containing my Dainty Lady order

On arrival, the items are presented in a standard brown box. This is good news because I always dread branded packaging whenever I order lingerie, if they'd sent a box with 'Dainty Lady Petite Lingerie AAAA-B Cups' all over it I would definitely not have returned again.

Dainty Lady review
After opening the box.
Pink tissue, invoice and returns form can be seen along with my
order (Fleur bra, Fleur breifs, Rosa bra, Rosa thong)

Upon opening the box, the goods are wrapped in pink tissue. Very pretty and matches the colour scheme of the Dainty Lady logo. I didn't take note of any gift wrapping options on the site but it doesn't seem you'd really need it as they already come so nicely packaged.

For this order I just got the two sets, Fleur and Rosa, as it was my first time ordering from here. I couldn't decide if to get the Bows and Trailing Rose set too but decided not to get too much after weeks of dithering about it. So, let's take a look!

Dainty Lady Fleur Bra
Dainty Lady Fleur Bra in Shocking Pink

First of all we have the Fleur bra. I chose the shocking pink colour for this and I'm so glad I did, this is a lovely colour and so perfect for my pink loving self. 

Back view of Dainty Lady Fleur set

Dainty Lady Fleur Bra

Inside of Fleur bra cups

The back of the bra shows the shaped back, branded care label and padded cups with pockets containing extra removable padding, should you want to use it. The back of the breifs are a plain fuchsia with scalloped/ loop edge elastic trim.

Dainty Lady Fleur Bra
Fleur's lacy sheer cups

The bra is lightly sewn to it's padded/ moulded cups, which could make for an easy removal if you'd prefer a sheer, soft bra.

Dainty Lady Fleur Breifs
Detail view- Fleur Breifs rose ribbon detail

Dainty Lady Fleur Breifs
Detail View - Fleur Breifs floral lace

Both the bra and briefs feature a nice ribbon rose detail in the centre, something I hadn't noticed on the product photos before ordering. The floral lace gives a delicate and feminine feel and is soft feeling to the touch.

Dainty Lady Rosa Bra
Rosa Non-Wired Bra detail view

The Rosa bra also features the ribbon rose centre detail but in black, along with black lace and very light pink silk.

Dainty Lady Rosa Bra
Rosa's silky cups with lace details

The Rosa also seems easy to detach from it's padded cups should you want.

Back view of Rosa set

Dainty Lady Rosa Bra
Pockets for padding

The back of the bra shows it's shaped back and padded cups with pockets for extra removable padding (included). The back of the Rosa thong shows a classic thong style back.

Rosa's unique strap design

Some attention to detail is necessary for the Rosa bra - the woven ribbon crossover detail on the straps is such a great addition to this bra and unlike anything I've seen before!

Now for the fit and feel. The Fleur bra is bigger of the two bras, it's band is a bit too loose for me and fits more like a 30 band. It's cups are a little less roomy than I'd like but no visible overspill can be seen, I think removing the inner moulding from the cups would make them fit me perfectly and I'm waiting on being brave enough to attempt this. I'd say this bra fits more like that of a 30AA.

The feel of this bra is such a luxury. It's under the 'comfortwear' section on the website and I can see why! This has to be one of the two most comfortable bras I've ever worn. The straps have a plus backing and feel weightless when worn, the fastening also has the softest plush back I've ever known on a bra and the inner elastic edging is also plush backed for additional comfort. The floral lace is stretching and light and the padded cups are warm and comfy. You might just forget you're wearing this bra!

The breifs are perfect size wise. My hips measure 32.5", the fullest part over my bottom 33.5" and my inner thigh 17". These measurements put me in the 8-10 size according to Dainty Lady size chart, but I ignored this and went for my ususal size of 10-12 as I prefer a roomy feel. 

While the breifs aren't quite as comfy as the bra, they aren't uncomfy. The seems down the front are quite badly placed for me but there's no too-tight elastic sticking in the sides.

The Rosa bra is the smaller of the two bras, the band is tight and fits more like a 26, which is ideal for me as a 26 band, but maybe go up a size if you're actually 28. The cups are smaller than the Fleur and too small on me by quite a bit. I'm not sure removing the moulding would help on this one so I may return it, but it's so pretty I'm struggling to part with it! I'd say this bra fits more like a 26A.

The Rosa bra is also not as soft and comfy as the Fleur. The elastic is a little more common feeling. The pink stretchy silk fabric is lovely to touch and one of the most pleasant feeling materials I think I've ever touched. This is still a much more comfortable bra than any other, but in comparison with the Fleur it ranks a little lower.

The Rosa thong is good and fit-able size wise. I got the 8-10 in this one as I'd prefer a tighter fit for a thong compared to a breif. The elastic is nice and stretchy and doesn't leave too much of a mark behind. The Rosa thong is comfier than the Fleur breifs.

The fabrics on the thong are the same as the bra, the comfy silky fabric feels very nice to wear and the elastic is stretchy enough to be comfortable as well as hold the garment in place. No irritating or badly placed seems are present on this thong.

Comparison between Fleur & Rosa size wise

Before ordering I actually wasn't sure if Dainty Lady were even still going (or had ever been). Searching for reviews of this company returns 0 results, no bras have added to Bratabase, the website is outdated and there's also no review section or new product additions to the site - with all of this it seems a bit of a ghost company. I sent an email to check they were still accepting orders before I placed mine but a quick reply from them assured me that they are still alive and that they're actually very busy! 

My overall first experience with Dainty Lady was very good and I'd return here again in future. However, I'd recommend buying a cup size or two bigger as they do run very small compared to the standard fit we're used to (I can't do this as they only go up to a B). I'm also really disappointed that I didn't know about this brand earlier because I've missed on the Dianthus set which is the most beautiful set I've ever seen and I'd have LOVED that, so I'm rather heartbroken.

I'm fairly suprised they don't offer a C cup actually, I'm also suprised they don't offer sub 28 bands since the theme is 'dainty' and petite. I'm not sure they'd be interested in expanding their size range since they've been around for 14 years now I think, but I may email to suggest it anyway.

*UPDATE: I submitted a return request for the Rosa bra. To return an item here you have to login to your online account and request a return, you're then taken to a page where you can select the product(s) you wish to return and provide a reason such as 'wrong product ordered, wrong product sent, not satisfied with item, item damaged'. Once selected and confirmed you're sent an email with the return address and can return the parcel. 

I returned my item on 14/08 and received my refund on 5/09. 

At first I had no idea I'd been refunded as the website says there will be an email notification of refund, so I ended up contacting them wondering where my refund had gone only to look rather silly when I noticed it had already been refunded.


ElliceLydia Rosie bralet
The Rosie Bralet by ElliceLydia

I discovered ElliceLydia through Bratabase when searching for anywhere on earth to buy my sizes. 

I purchased just one item, the Rosie Bralet, as it was my first time buying from the company and my first 'made to measure' experience. 

I placed the order on 27/7 and it arrived on 3/8. There was no dispatch email and no account page on the website to track order progress so I wasn't expecting it to arrive and assumed the parcel in front of me was some small elastic I'd ordered from eBay and nearly cut through the bralet. 

The goods arrived in a plain grey bag, again, I'm glad it was a plain bag and not branded. I hate the postman being able to see I'm buying lingerie.

ElliceLydia Review
After opening the initial mailing bag from ElliceLydia

Once opened, the items are wrapped in white gift tissue with a sticker and thank you card. I'm not sure what gift wrap options are available from this shop but it doesn't seem you'd need any as they're already nicely wrapped.

ElliceLydia Rosie bralet
The Rosie Bralet from ElliceLydia

The bralet comes with an ElliceLydia tag attached which adds a luxury, designer feel to it. A suggestion could be to add care instructions and sizing information to this tag as none are present anywhere else on the item itself.

ElliceLydia Rosie bralet
Rosie Bralet attention to detail

I love the Rosie bralet, I think it's design and colour scheme are so attractive and the floral details just make it even more likeable. 

There are a few things I'm a little uncertain or unimpressed with reguarding my order. 

Flat and unstretched measurements -
The Rosie Bralet 26D against my existing Comexim Georgia 26D

Comparison between Rosie & Georgia

ElliceLydia urge all customers to leave their measurements in the notes as their products are 'made to measure'. I did this as requested but when my bralet arrived it didn't fit. The band measures 23.5" while flat and unstretched and stretches comfortably to 31", which would have fit a 30-32 not a 24-26 like myself and the cups were around one size too large. I feel someone a size 32B made an order for the same item and our orders got mixed up or something. 

Worst of all the website states you 'can't return any items due to incorrect fit as they are made to measure' so obviously you're wrong and lying if it doesn't fit because nothing can possibly go wrong with their measuring skills. 

Inner view of Rosie

Back view of Rosie showing unique clasp

Aside from this disappointment, I was also not so pleased, and a bit confused, with the material choice in certain parts of the bralet. This bralet isn't soft like it seems, it is hard and stiff and scratchy. 

The nude fabric on the cups is tights material and wouldn't offer support for a larger bust size, it is soft but that's where I (and my long claws of nails) don't want quite the softness (and snagging). 

The straps and band are made from rather hard feeling elastic with no plush backing and the most confusing part of all is the trim around the front of the cups - this is made from what I can only think to describe as 'folding deckchair material' - not soft or stretchy in the slightest and I'm not sure this material was even meant for clothing use nevermind undergarments.

On a good point, the shipping is 'free', aka included in item price and overcharged, but it's in my favour when using a discount code like now. I also got this item on sale or I'd be complaining, but I guess since I didn't pay full price I can let it go, again. 

*UPDATE:      I wasn't going to contact ElliceLydia because believe it or not, I don't like to complain. But after it was suggested I do so and pointed out to me that this was a clear manufacturing error multiple times, I decided to send an email in an attempt to end this review on a positive note and to save my ElliceLydia experience.

Unfortunately, my attempt to end this positively resulted in it becoming even more negative.

Upon sending the email, I received a prompt response from ElliceLydia who were very apologetic and willing to help, suggesting maybe the orders had been mixed up. The customer service seems good, but that's about where the good ends.

After returning the item, it was 'fixed' too quickly to be believable and re-sent out to me.

Starting with the good part - the band is fixed. It now measures 17.5" flat instead of 23.5", and stretches to 27", instead of 31". This makes it more of a 28 and still not a 26 but it fits much better now.

However, the rest of the bralet is now ruined. The cups are scrunched up, overlap, and uneven as to try and leave equal room on the ends of the band. The band won't stay flat and rises up in the middle. The cups have been put back on backwards. It just looks silly when worn and is a complete mess. 

ElliceLydia review
Before and after altering
(No need to say which is which I'm sure)

ElliceLydia Rosie bralet
The altered Rosie

The alterations have completely ruined it's appearance and this really shows when it's worn.

ElliceLydia Rosie bralet
The cup cuts into the floral detail as there isn't enough room on the band.

I now get the feeling that I was originally sent the 32B because this was the smallest size they could make whilst keeping the proportions. I also get the feeling this company just uses their size range for show as credit for having 'inclusive sizing'. If they can't even make a 26D, there is no way on earth they can make a 22GG, so why is that size even listed?! Surely at that point they'd have to be honest and cancel the order? I wish they'd cancelled mine, I want my money back.

After receiving the altered bralet, I wasn't sure if to email again or just leave it, but I decided to email and write about all the new issues arising from the alterations along with the comparison photos. I wrote how I was confused and unsatisfied and that I'd be reluctant to return again based on how things had been. I can't say I've ever worked in customer service so maybe I expected too much, but I feel it'd be good practice to have at least apologised, or even offer a solution to try and keep the customer happy. Instead the response back was just 

Thank you so much for your feedback! It is greatly appreciated.

Overall my whole experience here was just a complete disappointment from start to what I'll now decide is the finish, because I give up trying to save my experience with this company. The website is full of lies and they can't even make the sizes they've listed. "Made to measure" is a lie. "We make every size" is a lie. "We only use fabrics that will bring the best comfort" is a lie. 

And the biggest lie of all? 

The overall design WILL NOT differ and will be exactly the same as the photo


I will not be returning here again and I definitely would not recommend getting tempted in by the size range like I did. I would strongly recommend you take your custom sizes and bespoke lingerie ideas to Queen of Suburbia or Urban Bird (or anywhere but here) who can likely handle the sizing and seamstressry more professionally. 

Well, that's all for today! I was originally planning on looking at three brands per post but since I wrote so much text I thought we'd leave it at just two. 

I also want to note that all the items I looked at today are recommended for hand washing only.

Let me know of any you'd like to see appear next!

UglygirlPrettyworld, x
*(Additional images & information may be added on request)
*(May contain one or more refferal links or codes - no payment changes hands by use of this)

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