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100% Pure Cocoa Butter Matte Lipsticks - My experience shopping with 100% pure UK site

Saturday, 27 October 2018

100 pure matte lipstick mirage Protea Marrakesh
Left to right: Marrakesh, Protea, Mirage, Pink Canyon

I've got myself quite a good amount of 100% Pure Cocoa Butter Matte lipsticks by now. If you've been a reader from the beginning you'll know how I wasn't too happy with my first Cocoa Butter Matte lipstick - 'Pink Canyon'. Have things improved from then? Let's find out!

I took way too long to write this and now it's so old I'm not even sure what to write about anymore. (Let's just pretend this was published when 100% Pure first released their new shade Protea.)

My current collection consists of shades: Pink Canyon, Mirage, Marrakesh & Protea.

Let's start with Mirage, as this is a lipstick I purchased to keep for myself. 
100 pure matte lipstick mirage pink canyon
Left: Mirage, right: Pink Canyon
I was expecting Mirage to be the exact same colour as my old Pink Canyon. When I first unboxed this I kept Pink Canyon nearby for an instant comparison and at that time it looked different. 

Mirage appeared to be a more brown based colour whereas Pink Canyon was a brighter red. Strangely enough, the two are now looking the same exact colour? I'm not sure how that works since I know there was a definite difference in the beginning. 

Their differences in colour shows a bit more when swatches side by side. Mirage is a more wine, berry type colour whereas pink Canyon is a brick, sandy red. The colours are certainly very difficult to capture so I should make some allowence for the product photography this time, I guess.

100 pure mirage and pink canyon lipstick swatches
Mirage & Pink Canyon swatches showing a slight difference in colour when against the skin
100 pure mirage pink canyon stain swatches
The stain left behind from Mirage & Pink Canyon

Interestingly, the colours of Mirage and Pink Canyon seem to swap around once removed. Once removed, the stain left behind from Mirage looks more like the colour of pink canyon as seen above, and the colour of Pink Canyon has got the berry tints to it like Mirage had above.

100 pure Marrakesh Protea
Left: Mirage, right: Pink Canyon
Of course, the colour in real life is nothing like the colour 100% Pure shows it to be on their website, but I guess they are a little tricky to capture.

Mirage as shown on 100% Pure (left) Mirage in real life (right)
*Online colour as taken from 100% Pure 09/18

The lipstick itself is nice to use, it lasts all day and is very pigmented and matte as described. There might always be inaccurate product photos and colour descriptions, but one thing that isn't inaccurate is the quality and performance, at least that's something.

See another swatch of Mirage, here.
100 pure Marrakesh Protea lipstick
Right: Protea, left: Marrakesh
I purchased Marrakesh and Protea as a gift for my Mother who I'd only wish would come to understand the importance of natural makeup. (Spolier ending: it didn't work and she didn't ever wear them, I wish I kept them for myself now.)

When my Mother had tried my Pink Canyon, she complimented how softly it applied and what a nice colour it was. Surely then she'd want some for her own? I know the colours she goes for are the youthful yet mature pinks and purple tones, so I thought about which lipsticks 100% Pure had that would meet this requirement. 

The website shows Marrakesh, Protea and a few others to all be similar colours so I was a bit unsure which to go for and got these two, intending to see the colours in real life and make a decision on which to give.
100 pure Marrakesh lipstick sorbetto lip caramel
100% Pure Lip Caramel Sorbetto with Marrakesh Matte Lipstick

I was actually rather surprised to unboxed these and find they're not too far off the colour shown on the website for once?! Protea in particular is very well shown in the product photography. 

Protea as shown online (left) Protea in real life (right)
*Online colour as taken from 100% Pure 09/18
Marrakesh as shown online (left) Marrakesh in real life (right)
*Online colour as taken from 100% Pure 09/18

It's interesting to note that Marrakesh is like the lipstick version of the Sorbetto Lip Caramel (which I've been loving). I feel like Prickly Pear would be the lipstick version to Melon Drop Lip Caramel too. (See a swatch of Sorbetto here!)
100 pure Marrakesh Protea mirage pink canyon lipstick
Left to right: Marrakesh, Protea, Mirage, Pink Canyon
Something I should note, although somewhat outdated now, is my experience shopping from 100% Pure UK site. Thankfully, the sites are now all merged into one (about time) but back when I should have wrote this, that wasn't the case. 

Time for a quick history lesson. Back in the day the 100% Pure UK site used to be like the US site, shipping was £4 or free for orders over £40, which is basically every order. People would complain about how they marked their customs forms and I think nearly every order from them landed a hefty charge. Then one gloomy day it all changed and they decided "actually we can make more money out of UK customers and stop the import charges complaints! Why don't we up the shipping price and make the good deals and giveaways for US only?!" And with that the shipping increased to £25 or free over £125. 

Now, the idea of this was that orders under £125 had to pay £25 shipping to cover import taxes & customs, but if you spent more than £125 the taxes & customs were instead 'paid by the company'. Well, my order came to £137 so I was able to see how the company handled these taxes. The answer to that is they didn't, they didn't pay a penny. Instead, they magically and so conveniently learned how to downmark the value so they didn't have to pay. On the invoice, the matte lipsticks I paid £19 for were now marked as a value of £2. Usually I'd never dream of complaining about this kindness, but if they're going to lie on the forms we could have kept the free shipping as it was originally was. If they're not even going to pay the taxes anyway then why on earth are we now paying £25 shipping?! 

I'm a regular sender to the US and I know all too well how pricey the shipping is. I once mailed a pair of pillows (don't ask) along with various other weighty and bulky things together, it weighed so much and was so large that I struggled to carry it just a few steps to the post office, yet it only cost me £45 to send, and I don't have any bulk discounts and deals with postal companies like a business would. So there's no way I'd ever pay £25 shipping for some tiny, weightless lipsticks from a big brand. In general, if the price of shipping is higher than the price of the product, it's a no from me.

I actually haven't purchased any products since because I've been too annoyed about how they treat their international customers. They don't pay international tax & charges when they say they will, they charge more than necessary for shipping, and points programmes (perks), giveaways, discounts, deals etc are all US exclusive only. 

I could understand if they were just a small start-up company who couldn't afford this but I'm sure they can. They are not the only company to use fruit and flowers for pigment, definitely not the only company to use all natural ingredients and can't justify their overpriced products as it is, they should be offering much more worldwide for the profits they make. But anyway, just my opinion I guess. At least now the sites have been merged and all orders are handled through the one site, which is definitely getting there!

Hopefully this new way of doing things will be less discriminative and less Americentric.

Thank you for reading! I hope to get back into beauty but currently I'm unable to wear makeup and I'm not sure when and if this will change.

Have you tried the new 100% Pure all in one site? Is it better than before? I'd like to know your experiences!

UglygirlPrettyworld, x
*(Additional images & information may be added on request)
*(May contain one or more refferal links or codes - no payment changes hands by use of this)


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