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Shopping with sthsweet pt.2 - Chuu Lingerie & Chuu (Korean clothing haul 2018)

Sunday, 25 November 2018


Chuu youth skirt 13 Chuu lingerie diary bra pantie
Chuu -5 Youth skirt vol. 13, Chuu Lingerie Diary bra + pantie set

It's time for another post about sthsweet! The September back to school sale was on and I took the opportunity to add to my clothing and lingerie collection. Here's what I obtained this time!

Some things have changed since the last time I ordered from here. If you haven't already seen part 1 of shopping with sthsweet, you can see it here.

So, what's new? Last year sthsweet charged international shipping at $8.99, making it conparable to buying from Chuu directly. This year they've changed their shipping - the price is now just $4.99, and the postal courier for UK has been changed from FedEx to DHL.

The shipping experience itself remains as pleasant and hassle free as before. Although the courier has changed, there's still no additional charges and sthsweet haven't changed the marking of their customs forms, thankfully!

I'd like to update on the shipping and processing times too, however, I'm unable to give a clear idea of this based on my order as I had some troubles and delays caused by out of stock items. Sthsweet don't stock products, so if a product is out of stock on the manufacturers website, it's also out of stock at sthsweet. I also discovered even when showing as in stock on the manufacturers website, it can also be out of stock at sthsweet.

I had originally ordered the Chuu -5 Youth skirt vol. 13, Chuu Kiss Me Knit cami top, and Chuu Lingerie Diary bra + pantie set. Unfortunately my Kiss me knit cami was not in stock, causing delays in shipments, but sthsweet we're informative with what had happened and also offered me a free shipping code if I wished to add something else in place of the unavailable item!

I placed my order on 17/08. First, just two items were shipped on 6/09, the email stated that the third item would follow separately. Later on I recieved an email informing me the third product would not be available so just the initial shipment would arrive. Once the package was handed to DHL it arrived on 10/09.

So let's see what I got this time!

First off, the Chuu -5 youth skirt vol. 13. I chose the pink/ black colourway.

I always have an ongoing problem with deciding on a skirt size from Chuu, this time I went with size M as my previous skirt in size M is the same style as this. The skirt is a good fit, roomy as I like it.

Something I was curious about with certain 'Chuu Made' products, is the label seen in the back. I wasn't sure if this was just a tag or if it was an attached brand label - it turns out it's actually attached. Personally, I like that - if you don't, luckily it's only sewn on in one place.

Chuu youth skirt vol 13
Detail view - Chuu -5 youth skirt vol. 13 label
Chuu youth skirt 13
Inner shorts view of -5 youth skirt vol. 13

As usual for a Korean skirt, it has attached inner shorts. This time they're a lot nicer and better made than usual. The fabric on the bottom of the shorts is the same as the rest of the skirt, so it blends in nicely and provides better coverage than my previous skirts where the shorts are a more light and opaque material.

I've been wearing this as my daily go to skirt since it's arrival. It's my new favourite skirt and I can't wait to see what new designs Chuu will bring with the next year!

Next from Chuu Lingerie, I got the Diary bra+ pantie set in pink colourway.

I got the Korean size 70AB after a long while of trying to convert sizes. Icecream12 show a conversation for Korea to Japanese size:

KR 75AA = JP 70A. 

Using Aimerfeel size guide for Japanese to UK size, I can see that a Japanese 70A = UK 32AAA. That should mean a Korean 75AA would be 32AAA, so then a Korean size 70AB should be around a UK 30AA-A. It was a difficult conversion. Although once recieved and measured it's not very true to size.

I'll also add - this isn't a Chuu made item, meaning it's only resold by Chuu. You can also find this bra and pants on AliExpress and Taobao. So why then is it worth buying from Chuu? Well since there was a 30% off sale going on, this set only cost me around £13, that's only around £3-5 more expensive that the cheapest I could find on AliExpress. And guess what? You get a free zip up bag when you buy it from Chuu! 

Chuu diary bra pantie
Chuu Lingerie Diary bra + pantie set, featuring free Chuu zip up bag

The set is a lovely colour and it has a soft and luxury feel to it's fabric. Some attention to detail is needed for the Diary bra:

Chuu diary bra
Detail view - Bows on the split straps of the Diary bra
Chuu diary bra
Detail view - Floral detailing of the fabric with lacy overhang at the bottom

Chuu diary bra
The Diary bra showing it's 3x3 hook fastening
Chuu diary bra pantie
Back view of the Diary bra + pantie set

The inside of the cups on this bra are so soft and have an almost suede feel. I love whatever material this is, it'd be so insulating in winter. 

The back of the pants is a plain mesh, very comfy plain mesh I might add.

Chuu diary pantie
Detail view - Floral lacy fabric on the front of the Diary pantie

The Diary pants are much better than I expected. Usually I have to take a large pants size but these were sized F (one size) by Chuu and they fit perfectly fine! The soft and very stretchy material definitely helps and makes them comfortable to wear.

Measurements for the Diary Bra

The Diary bra was not such a good fit, which is unfortunate because I really like it. The band measures too large unstretched for me and the cups are too small and too compressing for my liking.

Overall, my second experience was a good as my first and I recommend to anyone who wishes to shop here! The English used on the site and in customer service is also good and no communication barriers are present here. 

Thank you for reading yet another sthsweet review! 

They currently still their Black Friday promotion running which I purchased my items in part 1 in.

Let me know what should I get next time from sthsweet!

UglygirlPrettyworld, x
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