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5 Days of Favourites Day 4 - Lingerie | Boux Avenue, Comexim, Accessorize, Nonori review + discount code

Sunday, 30 December 2018


Nonori heart stripe lingerie set ハートランジェリー
Nonori heart lingerie set ハートランジェリー

It's time for day 4 of my 5 Days of Favourites challenge! We're nearly done now, only one more day to go! Today is all about my favourite lingerie of the year.

I've conveniently left my most popular two categories until last, because unfortunately, they're my least favourite two to take photos of. Photography with small items is great, but the bigger and more floppy the item, the worse it gets for me.

There's also another reason too. Trying to think of my favourite items for all of these days has been quite tough, but today is extra tough.

I'd say I'm generally not too lucky with lingerie. I'm not even too sure of the purpose of some lingerie items, but I wear them as normal clothes or pyjamas.

Anyway, although it's been difficult, I have managed to make a list of my favourite lingerie products of 2018! (...With a few cheats)

Boux avenue toyah non wired bra pink
Boux avenue toyah non-wired bra (pink)

Boux Avenue toyah

The Toyah non-wired bra from Boux Avenue is one of my favourite and most comfortable bras!

I'm actually very surprised with how comfortable and supportive this is, and I love the colourings too of course!

In my experience, bras from brands in the UK are severely uncomfortable. One bra I tried on from a UK brand was so uncomfortable that I couldn't even finish trying it on. (Think the hardest, stiffest wires possible with the scratichiest of fabrics known to mankind and you have my 'typical UK bra experience'.) But this bra was one of the first to put an end to that experience.

The fabrics used are just so soft and comfy, yet supportive, it's so surprising. I got this in the sale for £8 I think. It was definitely worth it and if they're still stocked I may even obtain a spare.

If you haven't already noticed, there's often a little trick to shopping online at Boux Avenue. If you search for a product and find no results, it doesn't mean the product is actually gone, it's just in hiding. For some reason Boux Avenue regularly seem to remove product pages and 'hide' them away for a while before making them public again some time later, while in hiding it seems the only way to access is a direct link. 

If there's an item you missed out on and really want, I'd recommend looking up Pinterest pins for a link to the item. I can also confirm that items purchased this way do actually arrive as normal.

Accessorize Fearne Frill Lilia bralette Comexim Ardea bra
Accessorize Lilia floral bralette, Accessorize Fearne Frill lace set, Comexim Ardea 2hc

Comexim ardea

The Ardea 2hc was my first bra I ordered directly from Comexim. I'd wanted to try out a 24 band and got the Ardea in 50F (24E).

I was fully expecting this to be too big as half cup styles don't usually work for me, but to my surprise it actually ran a cup small and was perfect!

The products photos on Comexim website really don't do this bra justice. I'd never have thought to buy it from the website photos, but after seeing customer photos of it, I saw how detailed and pretty the design was!

I'm a little sad the outer cups fabric isn't silky, (I was imagining it to be like my Liftsational Classic Demi type material) that would have been a perfect edition to this bra. But it's still really pretty and my current bra of best fit, which is quite an achievement.

At the moment, the band is a little too tight so I'm currently wearing this with a Rixie Clip as a bra extender. 

I was worried about ordering this bra at first as I'd never ordered directly from Comexim and couldn't find answers from the community to the many questions I had. In the end I just went for it and it turned out well. But to confirm to anyone wondering the same - yes, they do 24 bands, and yes to order a custom size it was still just writing it in the checkout notes!

Accessorize fearne frill lace

Accessorize is a shop I don't really think of when lingerie shopping, but they often have really cute bralettes and other interesting lingerie!

The downside to shopping here is the sizing, they're sized the typical bralette way by either S, M, L, or clothing sizes.

I got the Fearne Frill lace set in the lilac colourway, it was also on a good clearance sale.

I got size XS (6), in the crop top/ bralette, and size UK 10 in the thong.

The bralette could have done with being one size up I think, but it's still okay. The thong could have done with being one size down, but still okay.

The lace isn't quite as soft as I'd hoped for, it's actually a little hard and almost scratchy, but it's in the favourites just because I like the design and it is certainly comfier than others around!

I also have the Lilia floral bralette from Accessorize in size XS (6). I love the comfort of this one, it's really so soft and comfy to wear and I love the detailed designs of the fabric!

Unfortunately I couldn't manage to obtain a matching bottom for Lilia, but I'm sure it'd have been very nice.

Nonori heart keyhole lingerie nonori cat face lingerie
Nonori Heart Lingerie set & Cat Frills lingerie

nonori cat frills lingerie 

Okay, I've had this set for years. I can still put this in my 2018 favourites even if I didn't buy it in 2018, right?

If you haven't heard of ノノリ(Nonori) yet, Nonori is a Chinese team selling in Japan (and now thankfully worldwide!) 

Nonori is the original designer of the にくきゅう王妃 (Cat and Claw Princess?) lingerie. You may know this as 'cat keyhole bra' which is the term used by fake replicas, but as said by Nonori, this is apparently not it's name:

By the way, that's name is not <cat key hold bar>.It is [にくきゅう王妃],that means <Cat and claw Princess>.Fake goods do really badly, completely different things.

While I do love the Cat and Claw Princess lingerie set, it's become too popular with all the types of internet people I dislike and I can no longer take it seriously, or find love for it like I once did.

Anyway, I do love cats. Very much. If I see a cute kitty design, it'll be mine. Just like this cute nightdress type thingy.

The name on Sucre Doll is 猫フリルランジェリー translating to 'Cat Frills Lingerie'. What's interesting though, is apparently this was a 4 piece set. 

I got this in around 2015 and honestly don't remember it being a 4 piece set? I got the dress, pants and a bell choker (...I think), if I got anything else my memory of it has completely gone. Maybe they just added more to it nowadays.

The contents in Japanese:

The fabric of this lingerie set is so soft! I believe it is 'modal', modal cotton? But anyway it's the softest, silky thing!

The downside is it's a bit too silky, and the straps untie themselves in the night. Or day. It's maybe not meant as pyjamas... 

I think most, if not all, Nonori items also only come in one size and are always a bit too big for me especially in the bust area.

Nonori heart lingerie 「ノノリハートランジェリー

Another set from Nonori that I've had for years but I still love enough to feature even on the present years favourite page.

Unfortunately, since I've had it for so many years, it's a retired design and no longer sold. This means I had trouble digging out it's official name. The Sucre Doll has the plain white and black versions titled as ハートランジェリー translating to 'Heart Lingerie', but I'm unsure if my striped version had the same title.

This set came with five pieces, which is why it's still my favourite even today. 

Contents in Japanese:
My version of contents:
・Heart nightdressish thing,
・Frilly suspender/ garter belt thing,
・Leg / arm elasticy things,
・Stripey pants!
・Stripey long sockies!

I particularly love the suspender belt skirt and leg elastic thingys that can also be worn on the arms, which look very nice! I do wish the suspender belt straps adjusted a little longer at the back though, as they're not quite long enough to go over my behind and so it dips down at the top... I'm obviously not the target body shape Nonori had in mind for their lingerie.

As usual from Nonori, it's a good quality item and the fabric as lovely and silky!

If you're interested in obtaining some Nonori goods, their official website now offers free international shipping (once £34), as well as discount codes. You can also obtain the rarer pieces from Japan by using a proxy service like CDJapan proxy service.

It's important to note the only authorised sellers of Nonori are Nonori official website (worldwide) and Sucre Doll (Japan).

I'll maybe do a whole post on Nonori and my experiences with shipping fowarding and proxy buying services later on.

You can also use my magic referral link here for a £5 discount code at Accessorize! Or use my other magic referral link here for a 20% discount code at Boux Avenue!

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed today's post! 

Tomorrow is the final day of 5 Days of Favourites where I'll ending it with a clothing & accessories post!

UglygirlPrettyworld, x
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