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Lara Intimates Ava 26D DD E | Unboxing, Review & Discount

Friday, 8 March 2019


Lara Intimates Ava Bra review
Lara Intimates Ava Bra

My first bra purchase of the year - Ava from Lara Intimates! 

Actually it's my first bra purchase for a while, I've been busy buying goods of the fluffy kind and bras have become a bit neglected. Once I saw the Ava in hot pink I decided it was time to change that though!

I've been interested in Lara Intimates for a while, the problem was I just couldn't decide on which bra and colour to go for. At first I was tempted by the Wren bra, but after Ava got released in hot pink, I decided otherwise.

So, I got the hot pink Ava bra in size 26D-E! I believe this was the last of it's size left in this colour as it was only limited edition and has now gone. I also love the lilac too and it was definitely a close second choice!

I was a little unsure what size to go for when choosing a bra from Lara Intimates. Lara start at a 26 band, so that was the obvious choice for me, but for cups it was a little trickier. 

The sizing is grouped for the smaller sizes, there's A B C all in one size and D DD E all in another one, then after that they're single sized. I'd put myself around a 26C-D, but the way they're grouped made this a bit difficult since C is in one size and D in another. The sizing calculator was also not of help as it won't accept any underbust measurement of below 26".

Anyway, I eventually went for the 26D DD E size, which ended up a good choice.

So here's Ava in hot pink!

Lara Intimates shipping
The arrival of Ava

I placed my order with Lara Intimates on 18/02, I got a dispatch email on 19/02 and it arrived to me on 21/02. Although, remember this was a ready made item and not a made to order!

It was delivered by standard Royal Mail post and no signature was required. It arrived in a small grey mailing bag with a big hello sticker on it.

The bra itself retails for £48 and shipping, returns and exchanges are free in the UK. International shipping is £10.

Lara Intimates gift wrapping
Nicely wrapped once outer mailing bag is removed

After opening up the grey mailing bag, the bra was wrapped in pretty pink tissue and a Lara Intimates sticker.

This was really useful as they use the same coloured tissue as my own shop, so that's one less sheet of tissue I'll have to buy!

Lara Intimates Ava Bra
A first glance at Ava after opening up the tissue

Once unwrapped, I was met by a bright and vibrant pink Ava.

The colouring is so much nicer than the online website photos too! It's a bit difficult to fully capture it's true colour but I'd describe it as a vibrant lipstick/raspberry pink.

Lara Intimates Ava Bra
The Ava bra in limited edition hot pink

And here we have it!

Unfortunately the sun was a bit jealous and decided to ruin all my photos, either that or because I used my mobile camera, but time for some attempted detail views!

Lara Intimates Ava Bra hot pink
The back view of Ava

Lara Intimates Ava Bra 26D
Labels & sizes on Ava
The reverse reads:
Made in London
90% nylon, 10% elastane
Fabrics may be flammable
Wash cold delicate, in a laundry bag. Air dry flat.
Lara Intimates Ava Bra back
Ava back detail view showing gold hardware and multi straps - can be worn straight or crossed!
Lara Intimates Ava Bra
Ava front detail view - cups are separated by 1" at narrowest point.
Ava fastening detail view - features a standard 2x3 hook and eye closure

I wasn't sure how the style would work out for me, but it somehow did! 

The bra is very comfy to wear, especially since there are no underwires, and fits well.

Measurements for Ava 26D-E

I'm still a little jealous that F+ cups get their own single sizes whilst -F are grouped, but it's okay. I'd personally have grouped them as 'AA A B and C D DD' then AA cups could have been included too. But someone inbetween a B and C would probably disagree.

I'm also a bit unsure that this bra could accommodate three sizes. It may just be my shape, but when I tried this on my current measurements were 24" underbust and 28.5" overbust and I felt any bigger may be quite the squeeze. But it is quite stretchy so I guess there's hope*

*EDIT: Lara have said the Ava bra is running small, the size 26D-E is instead recommended for 26B-C.

Overall, I'm very impressed with this bra and I think I made the perfect choice with the options I went with. My experience with Lara Intimates has been pleasant and I'd certainly order more in the future! I'd love to see more styles and colours available from this company and I'd especially love to see more pinks available in future.

You can also use my link here to get a £10 discount code at Lara Intimates!

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed discovering this new edition to my bra collection with me! 

UglygirlPrettyworld, x
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